The PMO Conference 2022 saw over 500 PMO practitioners come together in both London and Edinburgh this June.

After a couple of years of uncertainty with the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s conference was an opportunity for people to come together and also welcome overseas visitors once again.

In additional to the London conference we also opened the conference in Scotland for the first time – the strong and vibrant community in Scotland welcomed us with opened arms.

We are often asked what the theme of the conference is – it’s totally focused on PMO and that is special enough. This year proved no exception with special guests Laura Barnard (The No.1 PMO Influencer of the Year) from the States and Americo Pinto (Chair of PMO Global Alliance) from Brazil – both keynoting the conferences this year.

We heard excellent stories from PMOs which were award winning and those whose awards must surely be imminent. We heard the real-life PMO practitioner experiences – and touched on areas such as agility, service-led PMO, leadership, strategy, governance, portfolio management and much much more.

The conference is also a time for PMO practitioners to come together – to meet, share, laugh and just enjoy that time where they can talk their own language and everyone around them just gets it.

The PMO Conference has always had a vibrant exhibition alongside it – something which attendees welcome and the exhibitors really do enjoy the opportunity to speak with PMO practitioners and really understand their challenges. Without our sponsors – headlined by Tempus Resource by Prosymmetry – we couldn’t bring such a great event to the community and our thanks goes to them.

The conference is designed to take PMO practitioner’s thinking to unexpected places; to spark new ideas; to challenge, to stimulate debate and contribute to the development and definition of the PMO profession – very much a work in progress; with all the opportunities and challenges that brings.

As the seventh conference closed last week I think we can safely say that we’re looking forward to the eighth one in 2023, we hope you will be there to join us.



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