PMO Service CatalogueThe House of PMO recently ran a poll (March 2024) for PMO practitioners asking if their PMO has a PMO Service Catalogue.

PMOs are increasingly creating PMO Service Catalogues to support their work in providing a service-based approach to their organisations. The service-based approach is about offering a menu of services tailored to what the teams and projects within an organisation might need . This could be anything from offering expert advice, providing templates and tools, to more hands-on support like project planning or risk management. It’s all about giving projects what they need to succeed, rather than sticking to a one-size-fits-all approach.

The PMO Service Catalogue lists everything that the PMO can offer based on the resources, budget and skills available.

Each service within the service catalogue includes a detailed description of what the service is and what it provides for each customer (that could be the delivery team, project managers, stakeholders and sponsors for example). It also details why the service is needed and how it will be carried out. The PMO is also responsible for ensuring the services are effective and the catalogue also includes examples of how to measure effectiveness. Finally, the service catalogue includes what capabilities are needed by the PMO in order to carry out the service.

The House of PMO has published the PMO Service Catalogue which covers a comprehensive range of services. With over 500 pages detailing over 100 different services, the PMO Service Catalogue has become a valuable source for PMO practitioners in creating their own service catalogues. [You can take a look at some of the services here]

As you can see, almost half of surveyed PMO practitioners are currently working on their PMO service catalogues which demonstrates the number of PMOs that are operating a more service-based approach in their PMOs.

There is still plenty of need for education around the benefits and uses of the service catalogue. With a third of respondents unsure about what a service catalogue is, the House of PMO is on hand to help practitioners plug in their knowledge gaps.

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