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PMO Conference 2022 \\ Change is Complex, Getting Decisions made is even Harder…! – Craig Mackay

One of the ultimate goals of the PMO is to ensure projects are aligned to the organisational objectives and deliver business outcomes. But it can be incredibly challenging when the complexity and pace of change requires constant adjustments and decisions. Keeping all stakeholders aligned and ensuring everyone is incentivised to do the right thing is challenging – the reality is most people are only looking out for themselves!

Although many of us would like to, it’s clearly not possible to take the people away, but we can look at approaches to help us understand what’s going on and what we can do about it. Effective project delivery and organisational changes is always about people.

In this session, Criag explored concepts around why effective decision making is complex, including behavioural psychology, emotional intelligence, design thinking and data science.

Session Recording

Session Notes

Craig provided a canter through the psychology, emotional intelligence, design thinking and data science behind decision-making in a changing world.

Talking about his own professional journey mapped against a classic change curve, Craig described how his understanding of change management developed through a variety of roles across a range of organisations. His focus was very much on understanding how decisions are made, what motivates individuals making the decisions, and how this knowledge could be used by PMO to focus stakeholder alignment and support the delivery of value.

In summary Craig described how data driven organisations will be key to enabling enterprise agility and shared accountability in the face of continuous change by increasing organisational data literacy to build a transparent data-driven culture.  This culture will enable speedier movement from insights to positive intervention and data-driven decision making, and remove siloed, subjective data to achieve real time accessible single sources of truth.

In order to add value PMO will need the ability to navigate and filter the noise to determine the best deployment of effort.  Pivotal will be the use of continuous customer feedback to constantly test innovation and product development.

Craig provided numerous references for us to follow up and a reminder that change is continuous and how individuals respond to, and perceive change drives their ability to make decisions.

>> You can connect with Craig here.

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