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PMO Conference 2022 \\ A War on Agile Methods – How can a PMO Choose Between 100 Agile Frameworks? – Henny Portman

If you’re struggling to understand what all these different Agile, agile, agility, iterative, adaptive, scaled, lean approaches are – this is a session that goes some way to helping you to make sense of it all!

During this session Henny Portman builds up his Bird’s eye view on the agile forest. An overview in which he distinguishes between team, engineering, program, temporary, permanent, portfolio and culture frameworks.

He also discusses the distinguishing attributes between various frameworks such as autonomy, temporary or permanent teams, the planning horizon, team of team construction, cadence, synchronization, backlog usage, and product owner hierarchy and concludes with his own thoughts on the hype of agile frameworks, the failure of many agile implementations and the illusion of agility to then arrive at frameworks that specifically address the necessary agile culture.

In this presentation he makes use of paintings, drawings, and quotes from Pablo Picasso.

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