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PMO Conference 2022 \\ PMO in the Microsoft Cloud – how does everyone benefit? – Gero Renker

Your organisation’s Microsoft cloud platform can deliver all the collaboration, automation, integration and insights for PPM that you need. So what does that actually mean for you typical stakeholder groups?
Here are some of the questions answered:

  • How does the Project or Portfolio Office benefit?
  • Why will programme and project managers love this platform?
  • What’s in it for your delivery teams?
  • How does that change the world of your executives?
  • And why will your IT team be happy?

In this session we will answer all these questions, illustrated with various feature demos and real-world examples.

Session Recording



Session Notes

Gero provided an overview of the benefits of Program Framework’s Power Framework.  Power Framework is built on Microsoft’s Power Platform and facilitates the build out of a PPM offering to resolve a perennial PMO challenge of no depth to the data they hold/have access to.

Gero walked through the benefits of the tool for PMO, Project Managers and stakeholder groups and concluded with the key points to include when making a strategic business case for adoption.

Key themes this PPM tool are locally held data, the opportunity to start in a small way and grow over time using the low/no code development opportunities, an inexpensive route to integration that aids the rapid pace of change.

Productivity themes running across all potential user groups include time saving, consistency, familiar tools, ease of use, better collaboration and visibility

In addition, PMO productivity gains include the ability to run updates for Excel (with security for PMO access only), to monitor compliance (both usage and document compliance) and to accelerate process.  Through time the maturity and competency of the users increases and the PMO will become a continuous innovator.  All this supports the ability to make better, timely decisions.

The session was based on the Program Framework’s Microsoft Cloud PPM tool, there are other options out there, but Power Framework offers differing levels of interaction dependent on the maturity of the PMO and can be grown as the PMO matures.

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