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Communities of Practice (CoP) and the PMO

Within the PMO Competency Framework, communities of practice (CoP) are mentioned in two different competency areas.

The first one is knowledge management and the second is capability development. Communities of practice are created within organisations today to help share knowledge between people within the organisation and to also help them develop, using communities of practice as a form of social learning and social interaction.

The bottom line is, communities of practice, when implemented and managed well, help to improve performance and when we talk about CoPs in relation to project management, that means they can help us improve project delivery performance.

With the PMO, CoPs can mean something which people within the PMO choose to join and get involved in. This could be within or outside their organisation. It can also mean that the PMO itself runs a CoP of their own within the business – especially if its a large or global business with many people working in PMO roles.

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