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Revisiting PMO Service Catalogues

We revisit the PMO Service Catalogue on the #PMOwfh session. If you’ve not already seen the previous one, we really recommend you check it out before taking a look at the latest session.

PMO Service CatalogueIn the previous session, we got into the what is a service catalogue, what you can expect to find in it etc

We also introduced the new book on PMO Service Catalogues as well In this session, we wanted to see what you had to say about them. Do you use them? If not, why not? If you do, what value do they bring?  

To Recap

What is a Service Catalogue?

At its simplest, it’s a list of all the services that your PMO can offer to a project, programme, portfolio, enterprise-level – whichever level or type of PMO you’re working in. It’s a way to show your ‘customers’ what you can offer and gives some greater detail about the services. On the other side, it allows the customer to make a more informed choice about what assistance they need from your PMO.

The Video Session


We wanted to know how many PMOs actually have a service catalogue:  


What is the Service Catalogue Useful For?

  • The service catalogue provides the opportunity to demonstrate what skills are required by the PMO.
  • Just because there is a service catalogue, doesn’t mean you can’t have some bespoke services.
  • You can say that a % of your time is allocated to defined services, but the remaining % can be spent doing ‘what comes up’ or ‘what is requested’.
  • The remaining % is also a good time to try out potential services or pilot new services.
  • I would say it can be helpful. I used this when setting up a new PMO and also created ‘Service Champions’ within the PMO team to shape/develop the services and support each other in delivering those services. Really helped the team feel connected to it.
  • Having a service catalogue can also help projects and programmes know what they can expect from a PMO.
  • It provides the opportunity to determine performance metrics for the PMO (eg SLAs) though we should also bear in mind that measuring performances for services that don’t add value to the organisation is meaningless!
  • Another thing a service catalogue is useful for is to determine the changes to/new governance structure.


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