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Project Prioritisation and the PMO

In this PMO Flashmob evening session, we learnt about what good portfolio prioritisation and business case management looks like, and how the PMO can become a key enabler and participant during the design, set-up and running of these management processes.
Demand management is challenging for a number of organisations, with many seeking a more holistic approach combined with practical guidance. In this session, we hear about best practice and learn from real-life examples. By the end, we had an understanding of the basic concepts of demand management, the business case management and portfolio prioritisation process, and role that PMO can and should play.
Why listen to the Session?
Alignment to the Business Case competency and focusing on the portfolio context.
Good for PMO Managers and Directors who are implementing or have implemented services around business cases and project prioritisation
Great for PMO Administrators and Analysts to understand what business case and project prioritisation means in a PMO context.

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