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PMOs Supporting Business Case Development

Eileen sat on an APMG panel talking about Building Winning Business Cases (you can see the session below Level Up your Career – How to build winning business cases.
Better Business CasesHere are a couple of takeaways from Eileen’s perspective . . .
1 – Building a Business Case, particularly the first few steps, is an exercise to explore IF any investment is required. Very often, organisations have already decided to invest before they start the work on the Business Case. This greatly increases the chances of confirmation bias and group think. Let’s celebrate those Business Cases that demonstrate investment is NOT a good idea for the organisation, and how much money we’ve saved.
2 – Within the Better Business Case guidance (the guidance is available here), the options framework provides instructions on generating the minimum 12 options. Most PMs/Sponsors don’t use the framework too often, so facilitating an options workshop using this framework or developing a toolkit for the PMs/Sponsors to use could be a great service for your PMO to offer.

The Recorded Session


You can also check out other sessions from APMG and their Level Up series – there are lots of different project, programme and portfolio management themed recordings.
>> Visit the YouTube Channel

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