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PMO Conference 2022 \\ Professional Development in Your PMO Career – Eileen Roden and Carol Hindley

Working within a PMO role brings lots of opportunities, challenges, rewards and frustrations.
It’s a career which gives practitioners the opportunity to develop knowledge not only in project, programme and portfolio management, also business, finance, HR and change. It’s a role that utilises a myriad of competences, skills and behaviours, developed to help face the changing challenges and sometimes frustrations PMOs face.
It brings rewards of team success, recognition in the organisation for making a positive difference and an individual sense of performing a role well.
In this session, Eileen and Carol talk about the professional development available for all levels of PMO practitioners. They’ll be focusing on the four levels of qualifications from the House of PMO, PMO career paths, their own insights in how to develop yourself and your PMO team.

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Session Notes

Before getting into the details of a career in PMO, it’s always worth checking that we fully understand what professional development is – what it means to be a professional, indeed to have a profession.

A career in PMO has developed and evolved over the last couple of decades, there are a myriad of job titles which reflect the different types of PMOs found in organisations today – and the different services offered.
For a PMO practitioner today that means opportunities – opportunities to grow and learn, get better at the job you do – have the opportunity to work in different types of organisations that deliver portfolios, programmes and projects in different ways.

Working in PMO today can mean working to support projects – it can mean supporting programmes. It could be portfolio management or PMOs across the enterprise. Working in a PMO can mean creating the services, rolling up your sleeves and providing the services. It can be leading a team – or having line management responsibilities. It could be taking a more consultative lead – or providing a coaching role.
With the emerging technologies of AI – machine learning, robotic process automation and predictive analytics – it can be a career for those really into the process and analysis. Equally, it can be a role which focuses more on advising, mentoring, coaching, motivating and so on.


Professional Development at the Houses of Parliament

The presentation featured Carol Hindley, PMO Manager for the Digital department at the Houses of Parliament. Carol talked about their approach when looking at the professional development needs of the PMO team.
You can find out more about their approach in the recorded session.
As a final takeaway, Carol shared these four different high level points to think about in your own career or in your own PMO.

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