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PMO Conference 2018 \\ PMO 3.0 – The Digital PMO – Ralf Finchett

The PMO has to evolve as we enter an ongoing age of delivering Digital. What is Digital? And why is it delivered so differently to traditional project approaches? The Digital PMO has to ‘think differently’ and more importantly act differently whilst maintaining some of the core attributes associated with the value of traditional PMO’s. The Digital PMO supports Digital Transformation in understanding the environment and creating the right mix of teams, governance and process across both Agile and Waterfall approaches.


  • Why PMO’s need to evolve, what is Digital and the Digital PMO?
  • Why Agile PMO’s don’t exist? And Digital PMO’s do!
  • Why a PMO has to think and act differently with Digital?

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PMO 3.0 – The Digital PMO

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