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PMO Conference 2018 \\ Agile into the Portfolio Mix. The End of Clarity? – Graham Pink, Robert Garbett & Karl Forbes

Orbitil’s Crystal Orb (xOrb) cloud platform derives intelligence from project data, complementing your existing systems and assists PMOs with instant views and analysis of the state and potential of their portfolios. Two guests explain the benefits they experience from using xOrb’s mainstream component, Project Orb, for conventional projects. Mix in Agile, which has revolutionised software project execution and delivery, creating a new world order for a modern PMO, posing unexpected challenges: how to track progress alongside non-Agile projects in the portfolio, accurately forecast costs and feature delivery and estimate resource requirements based on apparently reduced visibility. Encapsulated by our new cloud tool Agile Orb, we show how the openness of the Agile Manifesto and the inherent facets of all Agile variants can actually lead to better governance, not less.


  • How to obtain actionable portfolio insights from existing project data
  • PMOs key challenges with Agile
  • How to integrate Agile projects with non-Agile ones
  • Delivering predictions on likely outcomes from Agile teams

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Agile into the Portfolio Mix. The End of Clarity?

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