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PMO Conference 2018 \\ The Lean-Agile PMO in Action – Lenka Wallace

As organisations make greater use of agile project management, the PMO often asks how can it manage both agile and traditional projects. What are the processes and what is the data required? The Lean-Agile PMO was born to fill this need. It is PMO with a new emphasis; focussing on making all projects go faster and deliver more securely. This interactive session will give practical illustrations of a Lean-Agile PMO in action. By showing how a PMO can undertake a Red-Amber-Green analysis for agile projects and then how to use agile project radiators to create meaningful status reports. The lessons learned from this session can be applied to agile and waterfall projects.


  • A brief introduction to the Lean-Agile PMO and an appreciation for the potential organisational benefits.
  • The importance of Red-Amber-Green status evaluations to agile projects
  • How waterfall projects can benefit from using agile project status reporting

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