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Top Ten Themes from PMO Conference 2023

PMO Conference 2023

In this article, we take a look at some of the key themes that emerged from the PMO Conference in London in June 2023. In the recording we take a look at some of the presentation decks used on the day to highlight the theme and the main takeaways from that session.

The Top Ten (13!) Themes included:

  1. The project economy and how the PMO will change as organisations change – how will the PMO adapt to support this new economy
  2. Net Carbon Zero – how the PMO will support NZ programmes and how they will incorporate carbon metrics
  3. Benefits mapping – when its taught correctly, it’s an easy and interesting approach
  4. Projects in trouble – how does the PMO support projects on ‘special measures’?
  5. Maturity assessments – using them to assess the current status plus the process of execute, embed and sustain
  6. Sharing measures – demonstrating the difference a PMO makes to the things that matter most to the business
  7. PMO – the name, the noun – the launch of the latest InsidePMO Report featured the answer to ‘what does PMO mean?’
  8. Positive outcomes – the PMO focuses on the positives, can you produce a one-pager like that?
  9. The business case for a PPM tool, the six main benefits to focus on
  10. The PMO hub – does your intranet/Sharepoint site engage with the delivery organisation?
  11. The PMO as a Service (PMOaaS) what does it look like for customers?
  12. Utilising research (in project management and wider business) to inform PMO services
  13. The PMO Roadmap – there are still many challenges for the PMO, how do we overcome them, what help do we need?


Recorded Session

Presentation Deck

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