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PMO Conference 2022 \\ What Makes a World Class PMO – Americo Pinto

What factors can contribute to the success of a PMO? What is the future of project management offices? You’ve probably heard a lot about trendy PMO models and what the future PMO should look like. There are numerous points of view, but the real-world experience shows that magic pills do not determine PMO success.
Hearing the voices of those who work in the PMO trenches can help us understand many challenges. And while there is no single path to success, there are common elements that can suggest how to make our PMOs invaluable to the top management and the organization.
In his session, Americo Pinto (co-author of the book WHAT MAKES A WORLD-CLASS PMO with Jack Duggal) will share first hand some of the insightful advice obtained by the authors from a comprehensive survey and interviews with dozens of seasoned PMO Leaders globally, members of the PMO Global Alliance community. Their book will be released in the second half of 2022.

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Session Notes

In this witty presentation, Americo approached the idea of a PMO as a valuable asset to an enterprise, but recognised that “value” is not always directly quantifiable (especially in terms of money), but can provide intangible values that may result in indirect quantifiable benefits that accumulate over time, and which often become clear when a crisis occurs.  (How many of us have seen PMs, finance directors, etc., running around like headless chickens until the PMO points out a potential escape route?)

As “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” (Margaret Wolfe Hungerford 1878), so PMO value is in the eye of the perceiver – i.e. how you see the purpose or value of PMO depends on where you sit within the enterprise or project team, and what use you make of it. Thus, being a multi-faceted entity, the PMO looks different from different angles.

To achieve this Hydra-like quality, PMO operations need to adapt to what the enterprise actually needs at any particular stage, and this fundamentally means having a degree of empathy with the challenges faced by its customers/users.  It also means therefore, that there is no single optimum configuration for a PMO, no single tool or methodology that solves all problems. That’s why there is no BoK for PMOs!

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