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PMO Conference 2019 – Tomorrow’s status update today – planning your PMO’s route to insightful analytics – Pip Peel & Douglas Elliott

Analytics and AI are hot topics in the world of Project Management and PMOs – and the value they potentially offer is huge. But for most organisations having the standardised data, tools and capability to use some of these tools is at best a 2 year journey and at worst an unachievable pipedream. But it doesn’t have to be.

P2 Consulting works with a range of organisations to map out their analytics journey to help them understand both how to improve their data maturity and what analytics can be applied at each maturity level. Critically they work hard to create a maturity journey that ensures continual small improvements in data quality unlocks increasingly higher value insights and analytics capability – create a virtuous circle of data improvements and insights.

In this session P2 Consulting will walk you through the stages of that data maturity journey and show you how they build and drive that journey to help your organisation achieve tomorrow’s statuses today.


  • An understanding of the different forms of insightful analytics available to the PMO, Programme or Portfolio manager.
  • How to understand which analytics approaches are right for your organisation and when to use them.
  • How to map out and deliver the analytics journey that ensures small improvements in data deliver big improvements in data analytics value.

Presentation Slides

Tomorrow’s Status Update Today – Planning your PMO’s Route to Insightful Analytics

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