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PMO Conference 2019 \\ The 6 Roles PMO Leaders Need to Play to Navigate Uncertain Waters – Bekka Prideaux

Change is inevitable (and necessary) but we do seem to be facing more than our fair share in the past few years – and leading in uncertain times can be challenging, whether due to political turmoil, unpredictable marketplaces or environmental factors.

Your team and the teams you work with will look to you to lead them through the uncertainty, and this can really put your leadership skills to the test. Knowing where to focus your energies can really help you, your stakeholders (who are facing the same challenges) and your teams not just survive but deliver great results. So how do you know what to actually do?

In this session, we will review the 6 roles a leader needs to play and how they should play them as they balance delivering right now and planning for the unknown.  We will look at how they add up to leading an engaged and effective team and stakeholder group.

The practical hints and tips shared in this presentation will support both the growth in your personal leadership and the influence you have in your organisation while avoiding the dangers of falling morale, lack of focus and increasing staff turnover.


  • What the 6 Roles of Leadership are, what they mean for a PMO leader and how they add up to leading an ethical, moral and highly effective PMO
  • Hints and tips on how to grow their leadership skills and influence
  • Ideas on how they can support their team as they work in increasingly uncertain times

Presentation Slides

The 6 Roles PMO Leaders Need to Play to Navigate Uncertainty

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