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Coaching in All Directions

It’s the eighth (maids a-milking) of our 12 Stand Up for PMO Days Before Christmas and in this one we picked up on the subject of coaching.

This session was one of the Lightning talks from two of our Standuppers for PMO and also earned a post up on the ah-ha board with this insight “coaching can happen in all organisational directions”.

[You can see the other 12 Stand Up for PMO Days Before Christmas here] The lightning talk gave some highlights of the journey at Baxi and how coaching starts with your own values and beliefs – how those manifest themselves in your behaviour which in turn help communication and communication ultimately helps improve performance.

They’ve been using coaching skills and techniques to help them think differently about the various relationships they have with people within the organisation and throughout the projects being delivered.

They’re using emotional intelligence to deal with different and difficult situations and learning from courses such as NLP to understand how people’s ‘different maps of the world’ have a bearing on how and when we choose to communicate.

They’ve opted for assessments for each person in the delivery organisation – to get a base understanding of who they are and how they like to operate. These insights can help when it comes to the different ways of using coaching techniques.

We’re finding that the subject of coaching is become an increasingly common conversation in the PMO Flashmob community – we think it might be because coachinggets mentioned a lot in Agile – the Agile Coach and so on. If you’re interested, [take a look at the Coaching Skills for PMO night we did]

It’s not just about coaching project delivery teams, the PMO could be harnessing coaching skills to coach people in all organisational directions.

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