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Coaching Skills for PMO Professionals

Coaching has often been identified as a key skill for PMO professionals. It’s long been mentioned in job advertisements as “coaching and mentoring skills” and more recently with the PMO supporting Agile delivery approaches, the term ‘coaching’ is heard more frequently.
What does that actually mean? Coaching is surrounded in misconceptions and in this session, we’re debunking some myths whilst we focus on developing our ability to be a valued partner to the business and to the people our PMO supports.
We wanted to understand what types of coaching approaches and techniques we could potentially use in our everyday work – rather than focusing on whether we could become actually coaches.
The session was led by Bekka Prideaux who, not only is an executive & leadership coach, she’s experienced in project management and more importantly, gets PMO (take a look at her profile below)
Bekka took us through the fundamentals starting with;
What is coaching & why that is relevant to a PMO professional.
The spectrum of coaching – what’s included, what each is.
Understanding where on the spectrum you need to be depending on where you are in your career, how mature your organisations PMO is and the skills/awareness/experience of the person you are working with when it comes to PMO.
Understanding and access to a variety of coaching skills and tools which can be used by the PMO.
The Presentation

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