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PMO Conference 2018 \\ The Mindless PMO Coach – Sarah Shard

The world is experiencing a boom in the coaching industry. Gone are the days that the term ‘coach’ was only heard on the sports field! Whilst coaching has, in fact, existed in business over the years its often been limited to niche areas such as Executive Coaching, Sales Coaching and Career Coaching. In project management and more specifically PMO we don’t often associate our role with coaching which is such an untapped opportunity. In this presentation, we will explore the coaching in its simplest form. By understanding what coaching is ( and isn’t) we can delve deeper to recognise and appreciate where as PMO leaders we can really have an impact on not only ourselves but our project teams. When we step outside that PMO box and recognise the role we play as unintentional coaches we can then move from mindless to mindful; unintentional to intentional which can in turn benefit your colleagues and business through improved engagement and performance.


  • Recognise where PMO already play the role of Mindless Coach.
  • Understand how to move from mindless to mindful coach.
  • Learn some simple ways you can bring ‘coaching’ more intentionally into your PMO service offerings to improve colleague engagement, confidence and performance.

Presentation Slides

The Mindless PMO Coach

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