PMO Behaviours

2017 PMO Conference – Closing Keynote – Jez Rose

Jez Rose is a behaviourist, broadcaster, speaker and Beverly Hills Awards-winning author. He works globally with organisations to help them ‘flip the switch’, to achieve extraordinary results with simple changes to how they think. Jez demonstrates brain tricks and behaviour fixes to achieve extraordinary results, inspiring everyone to find the gap between stimulus and response and be the best they can be. An energising and inspiring end to the PMO Conference.
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PMO Conference 2016 \\ People Power – Increasing the Effectiveness of Your PMO Through People – Donnie MacNicol

The session will describe a powerful and easily applied approach to increasing the effectiveness of your PMO, all in 50 minutes Learn how to quickly and easily identify people's communication style and how this can be used to build more effective relationships Maximise your own value and that of your team members by playing to your strengths and working more effectively as a team Increase the adoption of PMO processes by better understanding the motivations of those who must use them
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PMO Conference 2016 \\ Centre of Excellence; Delivering Value or Being Seen as an Overhead? – Henny Portman

In this session Henny Portman will take you with him to get an understanding of the role of a CoE, the functions a CoE can perform e.g. standards and methods, internal consultancy, organisational learning and knowledge management, and people and skills. Theory will be combined with his own experiences, resulting in best and good practises. He will show you an overview of more than 50 different standards and methods and how to cope with that from a CoE perspective. Takeaways: Understanding the CoE concept Good & best practices for CoE’s Get insights in the PM(O) standards wood and don’t get lost The Video
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