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Emerging from Lockdown with PMO Flashmob

Well, it’s been 23 weeks since we went into lockdown with the COVID-19 pandemic and we started up the weekly #PMOwfh sessions to keep us all sane and connected with each other.

They came to an end last week – for a couple of reasons. It feels like a new term has started – children back to school, furlough coming to an end soon, it feels like we need to change gear in some way.

We saw the numbers on the session start to drop off as people found work again, or started getting snowed under with their own workloads. We also recognised that throughout all of this it’s been tough in so many different ways for people and we wanted to change what we were doing – switching back to the evening sessions which start this month in September.

One of the great learnings for me during the lockdown has been just how much we need conversation and interaction with others -it’s been brilliant on these sessions to explore topics with others – and with a great bunch of people who don’t mind the odd slip up with silly jingles.

In this session, we turned once again to the more personal side of the effects of the lockdown and we were really pleased to have Sharon De Mascia join us.

Sharon is the author of a book I love – Project Psychology – so I naturally thought of her when looking for someone to talk to us about the effects of lockdown on the workplace and people.

Another outcome to the lockdown and the PMO has been how many practitioners have been getting switched onto the mental wellbeing of staff in their organisations. We’ve heard stories of the PMO becoming mental health first-aiders which definitely wouldn’t have come to the fore without this lockdown.

Sign in to see the session, some real food for thought about returning to work and things to think about concerning your colleagues.  

The Video Session

The Deck

Emerging from Lockdown Find out more about Sharon – visit Cognoscenti for more insights and articles.

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