PMO Mini-Masterclass: Facilitating Learning Not Lessons

The PMO Mini-Masterclass on Facilitating Learning Not Lessons was all about the role the PMO can play in facilitating the lessons learnt process and also how we can get better at helping organisations actually learn from past projects. The aim of the session was: We focused on the role of the PMO in collecting lessons learnt – facilitation – and the role the PMO should play in taking action to ensure lessons really are learnt. This session went beyond the mere act of collecting lessons and sticking them in a database – this was about the proactive role that the PMO can take in ensuring learning takes place in the project organisation. We often talk about the PMO ‘adding value’ to the organisation – providing a great service here will do just that. The evening session included: Understanding what lessons learnt are and why they are important Interactive sessions on facilitating and collection skills Understanding why we don’t learn from lessons Interactive session on what PMO can do with lessons recorded to turn them into lessons learnt Further practical advice on what the PMO can do within the lessons learnt service area. The Video
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PMO Mini-Masterclass: Resource Management

The PMO Mini-Masterclass on Resource Management and the PMO was all about taking the time to start the conversations and learning specifically around the challenges PMO face in their role in resource management. The full presentation The presentation was carried out by Paul Major of Program Framework The aim of the session was to start those discussions on what challenges does the PMO actually face in resource management; what are some of the aspirations for the PMO and its role in resource management and an overview of what those roles are. The session also includes a quick demo of a new tool called Tempus Resource - it's been getting rave reviews from others working in the PMO (if you want to see that take a look here)
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PMO Mini-Masterclass: The PMO and Benefits Management

“Benefits Management has been on the ‘too hard’ pile in many organisations for a long time.  However, PMOs are now being asked to support, or even drive its implementation.  Needless to say, developing a Benefits Management process and adding it into the project management repository is not sufficient. This session provides an insight into some of the considerations and challenges you may face in your PMO when implementing Benefits Management into a project, programme or portfolio environment.
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PMO Mini-Masterclass: The Agile PMO

The PMO Mini-Masterclass on the The Agile PMO was all about learning about Agile and how the PMO can be structured to support Agile projects. The session was held at Standard Life in Edinburgh and was carried out by Jude Paterson, an Agile trainer and Programme Manager with previous experience within PMOs. The full presentation The aim of the session was: What Agile means to PMO practitioners and the organisations they work in What kind of Agile are we talking about? What Agile approaches and techniques work well? How and what you, the PMO can do to support Agile in your organisation.
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Top Tips for PMOs Working with Agile

At the end of February, Ticketmaster International hosted the latest PMO Mini-Masterclass on Agile PMO in Practice. With 40 PMO practitioners in the bar (yes they have a bar!), the evening kicked off with John McIntyre, Head of PMO at Ticketmaster organising and running the event in an Agile way. If you want to see the whole session, take a look at how you can do that here. As each PMO Flashmobber arrived, they were asked what they wanted to get out of the event - creating a product backlog - which drove the agenda for the evening. With the first half of the evening the PMO Flashmobbers wanted to understand more about the concepts of Agile and how they manifest themselves in a real example. They learnt about self-organising teams, sprints, interations, retrospectives and burn down charts. In the second part of the evening - Sprint Two, the session was all about the "PMO supporting Agile". So what top tips did John share during this part of the evening? What does the PMO actually do when it is supporting Agile projects?
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Mini-Masterclass \\ Your PMO Career

Last week we carried out our first PMO Mini-Masterclass. These evenings are about a little PMO learning combined with networking with other PMO professionals. The session took place at QA's offices right on Tower Bridge (see the offer from QA too for PMO Flashmobbers), with amazing views over the Tower of London and St Katherine Docks. The topic for the first PMO Mini-Masterclass was all about your PMO career. The session was in four areas: The PMO Marketplace PMO Job Tools PMO Training and Development Networking for Opportunities You can take a look at the first part (there are four videos in total), the PMO Marketplace here:
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