The PMO Conference takes place on the 19th June and we are excited to say Ninth Wave will be joining us again as sponsors for this event.

As we gear up for The PMO Conference, we’re buzzing with anticipation! But before we dive into what we have in store, let’s talk about a challenge many Project Managers face daily.

The Challenge:
Compiling project reports is a time and labour-intensive process that can often feel like a race against time. 🕒 The pressure to deliver accurate and timely reports can be overwhelming, leading many to rely on manual data entry, cutting, pasting, and customising reports. But what if there was a better way?

The Solution:
Transport for London (TfL) discovered the magic of SmartCore. 🌟 By leveraging our web-based PPM solution, they’ve transformed their reporting process, reducing it from a day-long task to just one hour. No more cutting and pasting. No more manual data entry. Just swift, efficient, and accurate report compilation.

Why It Matters:
Imagine the impact on your project delivery timelines. The time saved on report compilation can be redirected to strategic analysis, decision-making, and advancing your projects further. It’s not just about efficiency; it’s about enhancing the quality of your project management process.

Let’s Chat!
Are you curious to see how SmartCore can revolutionise your project reporting? We’re here to dive deep into your project management setup and explore a fit for your unique needs.

Join us at The PMO Conference or drop us a message to start a conversation. Let’s make project management simpler, together. 💡

SmartCore Success Story

Fin out how Transport for London used SmartCore to reduce complexity in the resource management and capacity planning processes here>>>