The annual PMO Conference from the House of PMO returns this year to London on the 2nd and 3rd November 2021.

After an extraordinary year that saw the conference postponed twice, we’re confident that we can once again bring PMO professionals together to share this unique event.

The event takes place in a new venue, the Mermaid Conference Centre in the heart of London. With this larger venue and with the current UK government guidelines, the event will bring together 300 PMO professionals safely (full capacity is normally 600)

Call for Speakers

PMO ConferenceEach year we invite expressions of interest from anyone who would like to speak at the conference. We look for inspirational stories and insights which fit our three core theme areas:

1. PMO Services

These are the technical aspects of PMO and can include the set up of PMOs; any of the services provided by the PMO; how PMOs are re-energised and evolved. We’re looking for excellence in PMOs – those PMOs that show high levels of maturity and performance.

2. PMO People

These are the behavioural aspects of PMO and can include leadership and management in PMOs; the behavioural skills that make a difference; personal development and career management; skills development and competency. We’re looking for PMOs that their organisations love.

3. PMO in Practice

If you’re leading, managing or working within a PMO – a special PMO – with a great story to tell, we want you to tell the PMO profession. What have you made a great success of? How have you combined your services with people to deliver a PMO that gets results and thrives in the business?

This year we are also adding an extra dimension:

Reflections on an Extraordinary Year

Adapting in the time of adversity: each session will include a part that demonstrates how the pandemic affected your organisation, or your PMO, or your role – or all three! We want to hear how you overcame challenges or how you’re still working to embed new changes or adapt.

If you are interested, take a look at the Call for Speakers – PMO Conference 2021

Call for Speakers