PPSO Certifications

PPSO Essentials

PPSO Advanced Practitioner

On Monday 1st February 2021, Project and Programme Support Office (PPSO) Essentials and Advanced Practitioner certifications from the British Computer Society’s (BCS) came under the ownership of House of PMO, a professional body for PMO practitioners.

The two acquired PPSO certifications will form part of a wider curriculum providing PMO practitioners with a full suite of training options for those working as a Project Administrator, PMO Analyst, PMO Manager and PMO Director. Find out more . . . 

The training options will remain practitioner in focused, with an emphasis on how to perform the role within the workplace, a practical and pragmatic approach which enables PMO practitioners to apply the learning back in their day-to-day roles.

With the handover from BCS today, the new examination body, APMG International – a global accreditation and examination institute – will be providing the examinations for the relaunched PPSO certifications. Read more about Accreditation . . .

The courses, which accompany the certifications, will be available for Accredited Training Organisations (ATOs) to deliver from May 2021. Read more about become an ATO . . . 

2021 Launch

The House of PMO qualifications are launched in 2021:

  • May 2021 – the House of PMO Essentials for Project Administrators – replaces the BCS PPSO Essentials
  • July 2021 – the House of PMO Essentials for PMO Managers – replaces the BCS Advanced Practitioner
  • September 2021 – the House of PMO Essentials for PMO Analysts – new course
  • December 2021 – the House of PMO Essentials for PMO Directors – new course