PMO Conference App

We are pleased to announce that PMO Conference app is back for 2019 and is now live and available to download.
To gain access to the app you need to be a registered delegate of the 2019 Conference, so if you have made a group booking (or had someone make a group booking for you) we need to know the names of the delegates so you can be granted access into the app.

How to download the app

You’ll need to search for 2019 PMO Conference in both the IOS App store and the Google Play store. You should see this:

Once the app has been downloaded and you open it up for the first time you’ll need to scroll to the bottom of the screen for the sign-up section.
Add your details (your email won’t be seen by other users). Your username will need to be a mix of letters and numbers, but you can change this once you have signed up to something more meaningful.

Once you have completed all of the steps above you’ll get an error message saying you need to be approved by the owner.

We have added this in so that the users of the app are only delegates, exhibitors and speakers of the 2019 Conference. Once you have been accepted you’ll receive an email to let you know its been approved.
Need help? Drop Chris a line at and he’ll be able to help.