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PMO Conference 2017 \\ PMO through the Eyes of Strategy – Richard Hinwood

The majority of the PMO’s work has focused on strategy execution through portfolio, programmes and projects yet a PMO also has the knowledge and skills to oversee the creation of an organisation’s strategy. In this session, Richard looks at what exactly strategy is, how is it formed, and how is it executed. From this he shares what the role of the PMO is in driving strategy execution; the role of PMO in supporting strategy formulation and the PMO in the Board room (how to ensure that the Board understands the value the PMO is delivering). The PMO has additional value to add and Richard will share the mutual benefits in connecting organisation strategy and the PMO.
As Head of Strategy for a multi-million pound international law firm, Richard also shares real practical insights into how the PMO can successfully (and, unfortunately, completely fail!) communicate and present to the organisation’s most senior decision-makers.
Understanding how to strengthen and build PMO capability to drive the firm’s Strategy
Understanding how PMO knowledge and skills aren’t just relevant to strategy execution, but also strategy formulation
Understanding how to present PMO materials to drive Board decision-making

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