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PMO Conference 2019 \\ Patterns of Strategy and Planning Execution Programmes – Patrick Hoverstadt

In this session, we will introduce “Patterns of Strategy” – a radically innovative approach to strategy formulation and execution that models the strategic fit between the organisation and its environment and how emergent strategy is shaped by strategic relationships with other actors.

Patterns show the drivers of emergent strategy, how this destabilises strategic planning and what you can do about it.  It is an extremely pragmatic approach that significantly shortens the time needed to develop strategy, can be applied at any scale and used for both competitive and collaborative strategies. As well as strategy formulation we’ll show how to develop an execution plan with clear metrics, and communication plan, an approach to providing a bridge between strategy and delivery.

This session is ideal for those working within portfolio management and enterprise PMOs. We will share our experience of using the approach with over 70 client organisations in a wide range of sectors and show the 80 common and successful patterns of strategy. Anyone interested in how strategy is formulated, why it fails so often and how to convert strategy into action should come along to the session.


  • Understand the Patterns of Strategy approach
  • Gain an appreciation of why many traditional approaches fail
  • Learn about a new approach to execution planning

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