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King of the PMO Polls

We had another experiment in how we can get the community talking about the areas of PMO that matter the most to them. We wanted a way to stimulate conversation and debate – get people to share their insights and experiences.
We didn’t record the session – the conversation flowed and there were lots of truths; a few rants – much better to keep that all in the room 🙂
In this article, the polling is still live which means you can add your own votes and insights as well as looking at what others have contributed.

How to Take Part

First up – you can use Mentimeter as an app on your phone or tablet – that’s available through your usual app store. Or you can use
You’ll need the code to take part: 8124 1231
>> Start the King of the PMO Polls


The results below are being updated all the time as new people get involved, we’ve got questions such as:

  • what tool do you use when creating dashboard reporting?
  • what qualifications do you use in your day job?
  • what keeps you awake at 3am?
  • how do you deal with project managers who don’t play ball?

Use the arrows to advanced the poll (hover over the image below)

Over 22 different areas of PMO were covered on the evening of the King of PMO Polls


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