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The third PMO Manager’s Lunch took place in November 2017, the outcomes to that day are now available in the third Inside PMO Report.

The Agile PMO: Developing Your Skills for an Agile PMO

London Soho and the private members club, The Groucho Club, is the venue for PMO Flashmob’s PMO Managers Lunch.

PMO Managers, from a number of different industries, are invited to talk in-depth about a particular PMO topic.

At this lunch, the subject was ‘Agile PMO’

Many PMOs now need to support Agile projects as well as traditional waterfall projects, moving to be a hybrid or bimodal PMO.

PMO Flashmob launch the latest Inside PMO report bringing insights from PMO Managers working in hybrid PMOs today.

The report looks at the functions and services required and answers the questions – what stays the same, what needs to change, and what is new.

The question for the PMO community is, “do you understand what additional skills and competencies you need working in a hybrid PMO?”

Many of the skills you have are still required, but some will need further honing or developed from scratch.  The report looks at how the services of the PMO change when supporting Agile projects and what associated skills you will need to have to do that successfully.

Conclusions from the Lunch

  1. Getting educated in Agile has to be a priority for the PMO – top recommendation is SAFe®
  2. Reporting, business cases, benefits realisation are all major functions and services in an Agile PMO
  3. The PMO has a role to play in the early days of Agile adoption as a translator
  4. Coaching – not mentoring – is a key role for PMO practitioners in supporting Agile delivery
  5. The PMO will be working in a hybrid delivery organisation – and using tools from both
  6. ‘Focus on value, deliver value early and often’ a mantra for supporting Agile and being an Agile PMO
  7. The PMO has a role to play in helping teams to work efficiently as well as helping the organisation shift its mindset to Agile and agility
  8. The principles of our PMOs will help guide the functions and services we offer, especially in times when new approaches are needed

Download the Report

>> Read the report

PMO Managers:

  • John McIntyre – Ticketmaster UK
  • Emma White – Sanctuary Housing
  • Chris Walters – PMO Esprit
  • Selina Tallett – Vivify PMO
  • Jon Ward – Beneficial Consulting
  • Ben Beavers – Pcubed
  • Rob Slaughter – V-Nova
  • Richard Hendrickse – Nationwide


Lindsay-80 Lindsay Scott   238.thumbnail
Eileen Roden

Click Here to download the report!

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