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Agile PMO – Is the PMO Equipped to Support Traditional and Agile Projects?

Agile PMO – Is the PMO Equipped to Support Traditional and Agile Projects? Many PMOs now need to support Agile projects as well as traditional waterfall projects, moving to support hybrid delivery methods. PMO Flashmob launched the latest Inside PMO report, “Agile PMO - What’s New and What’s Not” earlier this year bringing insights from PMO Managers working in PMOs that support hybrid delivery today. The report looks at the functions and services required and answers the questions – what stays the same, what needs to change and what is new. The question for the PMO community is, “do you understand what additional skills and competencies you need to be equipped with?” Many of the skills you have are still required, but some will need further honing or developed from scratch. This session will talk about how the services of the PMO change when supporting Agile projects and what associated skills you will need to have to do that successfully. Inside PMO is an annual report from PMO Flashmob which is created from contributions from leading PMO Managers on key PMO themes.
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Hybrid Delivery and the PMO

In this session we take a look at one of the main challenge areas for PMOs right now - how to support hybrid delivery. It was an interactive session to help us really understand what the challenge is - and what the PMO can do to overcome the issues and really support their organisations going forward. Sign in to read more about supporting Agile and Waterfall projects - to balance our portfolios - or is it even about projects anymore.
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PMO Services for Agile and Waterfall Projects

The last full PMO Flashmob meetup we had was back in March which was also a virtual one, was all about PMO services for Agile and Waterfall projects. Here's the overview: Many PMOs do not have the luxury of focussing solely on Waterfall or Agile projects. Their challenge is to evolve their service offering to support the Waterfall projects, whilst juggling an increasing number of Agile projects in the portfolio. During this session, John McIntyre of HotPMO will talk us through how PMOs can rise to the challenge and become delivery heroes! He’ll share practical wisdom and useful insights that will help you and your organisation achieve tangible outcomes from your investment in agile: delivering fast & increasing transparency whilst avoiding common pitfalls. Sound like something your PMO is facing right now? Take a look at the session (just over an hour):
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