Portfolio Management

Highly Visual Reporting (Sponsored Webinar)

When a PMO Flashmobber likes a product, what better way to let others know about it by scheduling a webinar. Many of you might know that Nicole has a passion for the tooling and technology side of PMO [you can check out her Mini-Masterclass here] She's arranged this webinar session for the PMO Flashmobbers: We’re hosting a webinar on how to wow your execs with highly visual, engaging information, through innovative tools like the virtual project room vBAR and Kivue Perform, the executive portfolio performance tracking platform. If you’ve ever struggled to get your exec team engaged in your projects, then this webinar will be for you! Rupert Taylor, MD at Kivue and Pro4 Solutions, demonstrates how vBAR and Kivue Perform provide a simple, visual view of your projects that encourages execs to actively get involved. Here's the session and some notes below
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Let It Simmer – A PMO Book Club Review

Following on from the PMO Book Club last month, in this post, PMO Flashmobber Juliet Doswell writes a review for one of her favourites. From the title alone I'm sure there are a fair few of you that are thinking this might be a worthwhile purchase :) It's Let it Simmer – Making Project, Portfolio and Program Management Practices Stick in a Skeptical Organisation. It's currently £13.60 on Amazon and Juliet gives it a 5/5 rating. Take a look at the book here. Take a look and see what she thinks.
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PMO Conference 2018 \\ Transforming from a Projects-Driven to Goals-Driven Portfolio – Chris Potts

Organisations that excel at investing in change use a goals-driven portfolio. They prioritise their goals, invest more in their priority goals, and choose projects that can achieve those priorities as efficiently as possible. A goals-driven portfolio provides the foundation for agile investment decisions. As rapidly as the market changes, as new ideas emerge, and as today’s projects vary in their probabilities of success, business leaders and portfolio managers can re-appraise the organisation’s investment choices. They can decide what to keep the same in the portfolio and what needs to change – to achieve the goals they are investing in, at the speed they need to achieve them, and with the least possible risk.
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The Tipping Point for the PMO

Have you ever experienced a tipping point with your PMO? Has there been a single event, a point where you can look back and say, “Yes, it was here when things really started to change” It’s the APM awards soon and another of the finalists for the newly formed PMO of the Year Award is the Portfolio Office at the Open University. Susie Palmer-Trew is the Portfolio Office Manager and we caught up for a chat about what’s been happening for her and the PMO team of five, who sit within the Strategy and Information Office, supporting major change. The tipping point for the Portfolio Office here took place in October of 2016, but it took almost seven years to get to this point. Was it the seven-year itch that tipped the balance? More an accumulation of experience and determination to do the best work they can for the 170,000 customers they have across the University.
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PMO Conference 2017 \\ Agile Portfolio Management – Ed Holt & Barbara Roberts

In many organisations, infrequent consideration of business strategy and annual budgeting cycles results in static portfolios often created 6-18 months ahead of the initiation of the Programmes and Projects they contain. In this session, Ed and Barbara explore how to create and run portfolios of projects, programmes and business as usual initiatives in an agile way. For Portfolio PMOs the Agile Portfolio Management approach covers key areas including agile portfolio budgeting; prioritisation and blending; governance and fulfilment. Some of the themes explored will be: The Agile Organisation and how it can help CEOs and other senior executives reach their goals, do more for less and be competitive and responsive in an a constantly changing world. What is Agile Portfolio Management, how it contributes to the agile business, how it differs from traditional portfolio management. Key tips on how the PMO can contribute to make Agile Portfolio Management work in your organisations Takeaways: Understand the core themes of Agile Portfolio Management Take away practical tips on how Agile Portfolio Management works in reality Understand the role of the Portfolio PMO in Agile Portfolio Management
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