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Agile Frameworks: Implications for the PMO

Which Agile Framework – Does it Matter?
The Implications for a PMO

All scaling frameworks share some common patterns: Scrum at the team level, many teams sharing the same backlog, planning done collaboratively across teams, and the general principles of pull, self-organisation and continuous improvement.  What does this mean for a PMO?  What are the differences between the main Agile at Scale frameworks; SAFe, Scrum@Scale, Large Scale Scrum, GDS, and so on.  How does a PMO know it is using the right framework?

This interactive PMO Flashmob session explores the mysteries of Agile at Scale!

Video Session

You can view the full session below, the sound is not perfect but still viewable!

The Presentation

You can also download the presentation deck here: >> Agile Frameworks: Implications for the PMO

Tweets from the Night

This session was presented by Jon Ward. Jon has delivered a number of sessions for us before and is an experienced leader of agile and traditional transformational change, having directed programmes for a number of International Strategic Change and Regulatory Programmes.

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