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PMO Conference 2019 \\ Travels Through Portfolio Management and PMO – Holger Heuss

PMOs set up to enable and support portfolio management is becoming increasingly common and in this session, Holger recounts his stories; theories and experiences to bring actionable insights for anyone currently managing or working within Portfolio Management Offices.

Through his travels, we take in the realities of successful portfolio management; the relationships between the finance team and the portfolio team; the different types of portfolios and what influences optimisation. He also dips into Agile portfolio management and takes us into what the real role of the PMO should be – what they should be doing responding to an agile transformation; why and how.

With experiences in portfolio management and PMO spanning from Financial Services to Retail to Pharma, the travels Holger shares give some great food for thought.


  • What does modern portfolio management look like
  • What the PMOs role is in establishing modern portfolio management
  • What the PMOs response looks like to an agile transformation

Presentation Slides

Travels Through Portfolio Management and PMO

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