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Agile PMO – Is the PMO Equipped to Support Traditional and Agile Projects?

We held a webinar called “Agile PMO – Is the PMO Equipped to Support Traditional and Agile Projects?” pulled together insights from the Agile PMO Inside PMO Report, and then added insights from the Lean-Agile PMO two day course from PMO Learning and speakers from the PMO Conference.
We have had a lot of Agile-related stuff at House of PMO and this webinar nicely pulls together what we’ve been learning about.
Here’s the overview:

Agile PMO – Is the PMO Equipped to Support Traditional and Agile Projects?

Many PMOs now need to support Agile projects as well as traditional waterfall projects, moving to support hybrid delivery methods.
PMO Flashmob launched the latest Inside PMO report, “Agile PMO – What’s New and What’s Not” earlier this year bringing insights from PMO Managers working in PMOs that support hybrid delivery today.
The report looks at the functions and services required and answers the questions – what stays the same, what needs to change and what is new.
The question for the PMO community is, “do you understand what additional skills and competencies you need to be equipped with?”
Many of the skills you have are still required, but some will need further honing or developed from scratch.
This session will talk about how the services of the PMO change when supporting Agile projects and what associated skills you will need to have to do that successfully.
Inside PMO is an annual report from PMO Flashmob which is created from contributions from leading PMO Managers on key PMO themes.

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The Lean-Agile PMO one day course is specifically focused on PMOs now supporting both traditional and Agile projects [find out more over on PMO Learning]
Lean-Agile PMO

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