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PMO Retrospectives – Mini-Masterclass

Retrospectives. We’re hearing a lot about this part of Agile based project and product development.

It’s one of the main events or ceremonies in SCRUM – or perhaps you might just think of it as another name for a lesson learnt?

Ticketmaster UK In this session, John McIntyre and the team at Ticketmaster showed us the ropes and helped us to find out about:

  • What is a retrospective and does the PMO get involved in them?
  • How are they planned and facilitated? If at all?
  • What happens with the information or outputs from a retrospective?
  • Is there anything the PMO can be doing to help /support retrospectives?
  • And what are the top tips for the PMO to take away and use in their business and with their teams tomorrow?

Here we share the video from the session and the presentation Agile RetrospectivesJohn McIntyre was really generous with his time for this Mini-Masterclass – the full video session is about 90 minutes long and he really gets into answering a lot of the questions people had – like:

  • How long should a retrospective be?
  • Should there be a retrospective at the end of the project – like a big retrospective instead of lessons learnt?
  • How should we treat introverts and extroverts?
  • How do we generate insight from retrospectives?
  • How do actions actually get picked up?
  • … and many more burning questions.

It’s definitely worth giving yourself the time to get into the session – and make sure you take notes along the way [part of my notes are below]

You’ll be glad to hear that retrospectives don’t have minute taking – it’s all about generating actions and insights from the data gathered.

In this session, we all took part in the data gathering part of a retrospective – using two very different approaches. We then took time to gain the insights and the actions too. It’s all captured on the video.

You’ll be itching to get involved in retrospectives – or even pick up new approaches to lessons learnt.

Part 1 covers the presentation first, Part 2 is the practical interactive bit.

Video – Part 1 (45 minutes)

Part 2 (45 minutes)


You can take a look at the presentation [right here]

The Book

The recommendation from the session was [Agile Retrospectives] from Esther Derby and Diana Larsen Agile Retrospectives    

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