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POSTPONED – Measures for Assuring Projects

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Assurance is all about providing confidence to the Exec, sponsor and stakeholders that the project, programme and/or portfolio remains under control, on track to deliver and aligned with the organisation’s strategic objectives. The PMO can provide a number of supporting services around assurance. In this session, we learn about measures – specifically the measure of confidence in the potential for a project or programme to succeed. In this session, we’re joined by Assurance expert and House of PMO friend Roy Millard. Roy founded the APM Assurance Specific Group in 2008 and is still on the committee today. Login to find out more about the event and join us
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Getting Started With Your PMO Self-Assessment

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In this session, we take a look at carrying out a PMO self-assessment and what you need to get started. Taking the PMO Competency Framework, we share how you can prepare, reflect, complete it and use it in your PMO career development. We will be using the online self-assessment tool as well - so that you can see how it works and how useful it can be. This session is aimed at all PMO practitioners regardless of level - all you need to have is a passion for developing yourself in PMO!