I’ve been running a number of sessions over the last few months for members about different aspects of Agile and the PMO. Make sure you join us for future sessions here.

This is the third one in the series (you can check out others here) and we focused on reporting and metrics.

We started off with some individual project reporting and the common reports you are likely to create. We spent some time looking at some examples and actually reading those, understanding what the graphs are actually telling us. Most of these reports are based on SCRUM so you’ll find mentioned here burndowns, velocity, burnups etc

The second part of the session turned to the reporting and metrics that happen at the portfolio and more strategic levels. We looked at strategy and investment funding; reporting at a portfolio level and looked at OKRs – which are commonly used in scaled agile. The session also touched on value streams. Value streams should be on your radar as a PMO practitioner because this changes who we see as our customers and who we support through change (we will be looking at Value Streams at this year’s PMOLearn! event)

In this session we used Miro to get some interaction with the audience and you can see the output of that below.


Recorded Session

Miro Outputs


>> You can download the entire Miro board in simple PDF format



If you’re looking for some further resources where you can read up on reporting and metrics in Agile, take a look at these: