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#PMOwfh / PMO Leadership, End of Project Fatigue, Agile Mindset, Admin Overload

In this month’s monthly magazine round-up of all things PMO we covered the following:
We shared some of the conclusions of the PMO Leadership report which was released last week – you can also find that here.
We also shared the news that the latest Essentials qualification has been launched – the Essentials for PMO Managers. You can check out the longer session all about that here.
John’s been having a busy few months on a major programme and he got talking about fatigue setting in after the go-live but there’s still lots to do! Perhaps there is something the PMO can do here to keep everyone focused.
We touched on imposter syndrome and also what we think about change in our poll, why not have a go?

We had a great 10-in-10 from Laura Muller about Agile Mindset. You’ve probably seen it on job adverts – must have an agile mindset – but what on earth does that actually mean?! She shares her research in the 10 minute segment.
Finally we also looked at PMO Problem Shared – about doing too much admin in the PMO and what you can do about it.

Recorded Session



Want to see the slidedeck a little closer? Download it here.

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