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Agile PMO Series – Removing Blockers

In this fourth edition of the Agile PMO Super Series we focused on removing blockers.
We hear all the time that the PMO should be able to support Agile teams in removing blockers – but what does this actually mean?
In this session we looked at what blockers and impediments are – and how they relate to issues and risks in the more traditional sense.
We also took a look at the ScrumMaster role and how the PMO works with them.
As each session goes by, there is one thing that really stands out for us – Agile is a different mindset and it’s up to us as the PMO to understand what change in mindset is required.
The outcomes are the same – successful delivery of change – it’s just how we get there that requires a different way of thinking and doing.
The PMO has the knowledge around what is required to successful support delivery teams and Project Managers (or ScrumMasters) it just needs the self-confidence to speak up and challenge appropriately to really make a difference.

Watch the Session



Slidedeck (Via Miro)

How could your PMO help to unblock?

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