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Latest News - 9th May 2022

There are three events this week. First, the Essentials for PMO Managers qualification has been launched and we bring a session about that on Tuesday (10th May) It’s also a year ago this week that House of PMO was launched so why not join us for cake on Wednesday (11th May)

You can also catch the latest #PMOwfh session on Friday (13th May)

There were two launches last week that we can tell you about – the first was the preview launch of the Essentials for PMO Managers, which we broadcasted live and you can take a look at that one here. It was a short broadcast but this Tuesday’s session gets into a lot more detail. Why not join us live.

The second was the launch of the latest Inside PMO Report. This year’s focus is on PMO Leadership and you can watch the session and download the report too.

Finally, the latest on the conference – there are limited tickets available for the PMOLearn! event that takes place before the conference. Make sure you don’t miss out.


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Latest Articles

Latest Articles

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Great Data Visualisation Tools – 10 minutes

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A key topic area for many PMOs right now – working with the Agile approach.

There have been two prominent areas of learning, discussion and sharing of insights around Agile.

The first, how does the PMO support both traditional projects and projects which have adopted the Agile philsophy or approach? Questions like how to report on both; how to realise benefits; what happens with the business case?

 The second, how does the PMO support Agile-at-scale, so focusing on the portfolio management level, what does the PMO need to do to support the business and help make all projects successful.

Agile PMO

At the heart of what House of PMO is all about – helping PMO professionals to develop themselves in their careers.

There are so many different aspects of our careers and over the years we’ve shared lots of practical insights, advice and tips.

We’ve covered everything from practical tips on creating a great PMO CV; developing yourself in your role; courses to consider doing; continuous improvements; different career paths; networking – you name it we’ve covered it.


How many times do you hear the words “adding value” when it comes to the work the PMO does?

It’s one of those phrases that makes little sense until you start to dig into what the PMO does – do they do it successfully – and is it needed by the business?

The whole theme of metrics and measures was one of our Inside PMO reports and it’s an area we often revisit as PMOs are looking for the key to maturing their services and really delivering what is written in their mandate.

We grabble with the objective and subjective measures – the tangible and intangible – the metrics that belong to the PMO and the ones that are project and programme owned.

Then there’s the metrics and measures for the PMO team and the leader – which measures can be attributed fairly?


Metrics & Measures