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Inside PMO: KPIs, Metrics and Measures – The Session

Over at Project Challenge we presented on the latest report from PMO Flashmob, “Inside PMO: KPIs, Metrics and Measures”. [The report is available to download here]

In this session we looked at a few of the report’s findings.

We kicked off with Eileen sharing:

  • Why do we measure?
  • What do we measure?
  • How do we measure?
  • When do we measure?
  • What is our value to the organisation?
  • How do we measure our value?

We looked at naval-gazing; service catalogs; performance; storytelling; goal setting and a few other bits and pieces. Why not watch the video first and then read the report; the session is 42 minutes long.

Watch the Video Presentation

The Presentation

[Download the PDF version]

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