Essentials for PMO Analysts is a practical course, designed to equip learners with the knowledge required to perform in their role.


The Essentials for PMO Analysts Training and Certification launched today. Developed in conjunction with APMG International, this five-day course was designed especially for those in a PMO Analyst role. Unlike other courses in the market, which focus on how to design PMOs, this course aims to help individuals succeed in their day-to-day job. Explaining to learners the responsibilities which sit with a PMO Analyst and what knowledge, skills and behaviours are part of this role.

Lindsay Scott, co-founder of House of PMO said,

“As a professional body for those working in PMOs, we want to develop the profession and support individuals in their development. This has led us to launch a suite of qualifications to support PMO practitioners throughout their careers. This practical course, Essentials for PMO Analysts, which launched today is key to supporting PMO professionals, as this is the most common role within a PMO.”

Richard Pharro, CEO APMG International commented,

“In a time of accelerating change, PMO Analysts play a key role in supporting their organizations change initiatives. Our partnership with House of PMO has allowed us to create a course together that will specifically help individuals in these roles perform”.


APMG International - House of PMOEssentials for PMO Analysts Training and certification will:

  • Give attendees an understanding of the role of the PMO Analyst (also known as Project Officer or Project Co-ordinator)
  • Explain the Project, Programme and Portfolio and PMO context a PMO Analyst operates in, including the four key roles within a PMO
  • Teach the competences required to successfully undertake the role of a PMO Analyst and how they can be applied.


Essentials for PMO Analysts Training is currently available from PMO Learning and will be available through APMG’s global network of accredited training providers in the coming months. This is the second course to be released, in the House of PMO Essentials training suite. Essentials for PMO Administrators launched in May this year and is an ideal starting point for a career in either a PMO or Project Management.

Further information about the course which launched today, can be found on the APMG International website at Essentials for PMO Analysts or visit the qualifications area of the House of PMO where you can find further information or drop us a line.


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