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What is a Lean Agile PMO?

Late November on a cold night in Yorkshire, we held the first PMO Flashmob in Leeds to a full house. I think the subject matter for the evening had something to do with it – the Lean Agile PMO.
The session was run by Jon Ward* and the overview for the evening:

The Lean-Agile PMO

Evaluating project status – a new skill for the Lean-Agile PMO?
The evening session starts with a Pub-Quiz exercise and develop the concepts a PMO should adopt to evaluate the status of Agile initiatives. This session introduces the Lean-Agile PMO concept and how its role may differ from a tradition PMO.
The Lean-Agile PMO has been conceived so that it can simultaneously support activities delivered using both agile and traditional methodologies.  However, in doing so, it has been found necessary to amend the traditional PMO focus.With lean focussing on customer satisfaction, reduction of waste and continuous improvement and Agile providing just enough services just in time, using a collaborative culture in order to ensure that activities can be delivered securely and demonstrably as fast as possible – what does the Lean-Agile PMO do?
We will covered the role of the PMO in accelerating project delivery.  We look at risks, benefits and initiative performance. We also consider the implications for a PMO evaluating agile status.  Finally we look at Agile risk management and how it may relate to traditional projects; the importance of benefits in agile and the implications for waterfall activities and find the answers to the question –  are they any different?

The Session

The full video session and accompanying slideset are now available:

Also access the slides from the session

>> The Lean-Agile PMO


About Jon

Programme Director for a number of International Strategic Change and Regulatory Programmes. Including Agile organisational change $100 million, Agile IT Transformation, New Product Development $28 million, Project Audit and recovery activities. Certified Scrum Master with experience of TDD, BDD, CI, and Agile Transformation with SAFe and Disciplined Agile. Certified PMO Value Ring consultant.
As head of change delivered a portfolio of $68million established portfolio and governance processes reducing costs by 10% in six months. Established an Agile PMO, set up and ran a PMO as part of a £10million ring-fence activity, delivered a number of regulatory programmes.

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