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The Agile PMO

A few weeks ago we were at Project Challenge and we did a presentation to go alongside the new Inside PMO Report which we launched at the show too.

For those of you not familar with the Inside PMO Reports we do one a year on a topic area we know you’re talking about or getting to grips with. We invite PMO Managers, who are doing a good job working on these topic areas, treat them to lunch then interrogate them. Well not quite, but we do ask loads of questions to find out how they dealt with certain things or the approach they might have taken.

We record that and after a few months of weeping whilst pulling it together in readable form, we create the report and share it with you. You can download that – the Agile PMO one – and the other ones we’ve done so far on Resource Management and the PMO and Portfolio Management.

Developing Your Skills for a Agile PMO

We also did a presentation for Project Challenge too which we recorded and you can watch it – and download the presentation too.

What we cover in the presentation? Well this rather wonderful psychedelic diagram shows the eight functions or services the PMO can offer real value in Agile project deliveries. It was these eight areas that our PMO Managers focused on when talking about how they have adapted their PMOs to support Agile delivery: Agile PMO There’s a lot more covered in the report itself so make sure you download a copy of that too.  


Agile PMO

Download the Developing Your Skills for an Agile PMO presentation (PDF)

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