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PMO Conference 2018 \\ Governance, Agile and the PMO – Building a Relationship that Works – Barbara Roberts

This session kicks off with the basic positioning of PMOs and Agile projects, then exploring how “Governance” “Agile” and “PMO” can combine to work effectively together in a world where Agile is becoming the “norm”. What is needed to build a good working relationship from the start? Barbara will talk about how to set things up from the start for an effective working relationship between the PMO and the Agile teams based on some real-life examples. The session will also cover how to make full use of Agile’s transparency to build effective communication between the Agile team, the PMO and senior stakeholders. Finally the session will also cover the issue of reporting on Agile projects, the “Who”, “How”, “When” “Where” and “Why”


  • Confidence that Agile, Governance and PMO can work effectively together
  • An understanding of what is needed to build good relationships with Agile teams
  • A better understanding of “grown up” Agile in a complex organisation.

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Governance, Agile and the PMO

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