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PMO Conference 2018 \\ Transforming from a Projects-Driven to Goals-Driven Portfolio – Chris Potts

Chris PottsOrganisations that excel at investing in change use a goals-driven portfolio.

They prioritise their goals, invest more in their priority goals, and choose projects that can achieve those priorities as efficiently as possible.

A goals-driven portfolio provides the foundation for agile investment decisions.

As rapidly as the market changes, as new ideas emerge, and as today’s projects vary in their probabilities of success, business leaders and portfolio managers can re-appraise the organisation’s investment choices.

They can decide what to keep the same in the portfolio and what needs to change – to achieve the goals they are investing in, at the speed they need to achieve them, and with the least possible risk. In this presentation based entirely on Chris’s hands-on work with organisations worldwide, he will use the Four Generations of Change Portfolio to highlight the essential differences between a projects-driven and goals-driven portfolio. He will explain how the value of Portfolio Managers multiplies with each transformation from one generation to the next, and why sustainable success depends on knowing and influencing the organisation’s “investment culture”. This is first-hand research and learning from over 20 years of work, initially as a portfolio manager within an organisation and then from 18 years of working with business leaders and portfolio managers, in diverse countries, cultures and organisations.


  • Benchmarking your organisation’s maturity at investing in a portfolio of change projects
  • Using a goals-driven portfolio as the essential foundation for agile investment decisions
  • Growing the value of Portfolio Managers and Portfolio Office Managers, as organisational leaders and influencers

Presentation Slides

Transforming from a Projects-Driven to Goals-Driven Portfolio

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