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Supporting Complex Projects

The Infrastructure and Projects Authority’s (IPA) have an initiative called Project X.
Project X is
a vehicle to engage contemporary research in project and programme with the ‘real-world’ issues that are manifest across the Government’s Major Project Portfolio (GMPP). Project X is ambitious, it seeks to promote and support methodologically rigorous research that is firmly grounded in clear pathways to impact – with an ultimate ambition of delivering savings for the project delivery and enhancing project management capability across government departments and industry.
As part of the initiative, different organisations are taking part and making contributions, the Association for Project Management (APM) is one of them and a recent report called Developing the Practice of Governance – was released.
The report focuses on how project practitioners could improve governance on their projects and of course, that’s a subject that should interest any PMO practitioner too.
As part of the weekly #PMOwfh session, we had one of the authors of that report join us. It sparked some really interesting and new insights which we think you’ll enjoy exploring too.
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