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PMO Competency Team Exercise

The PMO Competency Framework project is still ongoing. We’ve started the part where we write the competencies. We’ll be doing this throughout March and into April. It’s exciting seeing the competency framework starting to come to life and the people getting involved are doing a great job.

Last month we had a social evening in a pub near Whitehall, London and we wanted to get people talking about PMO competencies plus any outcomes to those conversations could get fed back into the project. The task we had set out for the evening was simple and we thought that it would be good to share them with you because it is something that you could think about individually for yourself and it could be a good exercise for a PMO team to do together too.

Here’s what we had.

Two different templates – one with the question – what are you competent at?

The other – what are you not yet competent at?  

What are you competent at?

You can download the templates by clicking on the images PMO Competency

What are you not yet competent at?

PMO Competency

So how did we get on during the evening?

To give you some ideas about what some of the groups were thinking about, here’s a couple for you to have a look at:   Going to give it a go?

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